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Belief change log

posted this on July 03, 2013 15:17

version 0.6

Fixed event date translation
single-content.php · /trunk/themes/belief

fixed translation for event repeating tags
single-content.php · /trunk/themes/belief

fixed date translation for repeating events
main.php · /trunk/themes/belief/lib/php

fixed translation for dates in timeline
post.class.php · /trunk/themes/belief/lib/php

added read more
post.class.php · /trunk/themes/belief/lib/php
header.php · /trunk/themes/belief

changed so that dates on timeline view, for events, will represent the event start date, not post date. For repeating events - next event date.
post.class.php · /trunk/themes/belief/lib/php

modification due to the username change from ThemeForest
our_themes.php · /trunk/themes/belief/lib/templates

changed 14px to 12px
foundation.min.css · /trunk/themes/belief/css/autoinclude
style.css · /trunk/themes/belief/css/autoinclude

fixed categories, terms and related posts for WordPress 3.8
post.class.php · /trunk/themes/belief/lib/php
related-posts.php · /trunk/themes/belief

deleted useless code that was making requests to ThemeForest's API
our_themes.php · /trunk/themes/belief/lib/templates


version 0.5

- added WP 3.6 compatibility;


version 0.4

- display the label for text/shortcode element


- show all testimonials in backend


- fixed accordion shortcode


- hide default post formats in wp 3.6


- fixed some jQuery Migrate deprecated functions










- updated twitter widget to be compatible with API 1.1






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