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Triangulo theme change log

posted this on August 2, 2013, 11:32

version 0.4

Fixed number of banners display

\lib\php\LayoutBuilder\LBTemplateBuilder.php (modified)


fixed number of testimonials display

\lib\php\LayoutBuilder\LBTemplateBuilder.php (Modified)

\lib\php\main.php (Modified)


fixed slideshow on IE9 by loosing the trailing comma



fixed magnifying glass opacity on image hover



disabled Envato toolkit from being a recommended plugin



version 0.3, updated on TF on 2 August

get image size by using image id not getimagesize function




fixed contact form Submit Notice position



fixed localization for dates in views



fixed child theming



fixed the the page title issue for events taxonomies

tripod/taxonomy-gallery-category.php (Modified)


added option for folio gallery image size

tripod/lib/php/post.class.php (Modified)

tripod/lib/php/options.register.php (Modified)


removed two undefined functions



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