Tripod 1.5 with Mosaic View Gallery




  • Fourreux

    Any guidelines to show this Mosaic gallery on the front page?


  • TCB

    Will you be having the mosaic also for the blog posts? 

  • Thomas Clare

    I submitted a request #1719...It's been over a week and my website can't move on till I get a reply.

  • Susanmay

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  • Aaron Schalk

    I've posted a comment over on the product page for this problem, but haven't heard anything back to help resolve the issue. I figured I'd try here and see if I can get some answers.

    I recently experienced after upgrading to WP 3.6, that while having the Tripod theme and several other plugins (including you’re recommended Envato toolkit and Slider Revolution),  the web-admin portion of the site produces a 500 error.

    I have tried a clean/fresh install of WP with no additional plugins running. My Tripod is version 1.5, and the plugins most recent. I eliminated the points of failure to the Tripod theme as I had the Slider Revolution plugin running and Tripod NOT running with no issue. Turning on the Tripod theme stopped the web-admin from working.

    Galleries were also affected, but I can't be sure if that's related to theme or upgrade until the admin is functional.

    Any advise on how to proceed with correcting this type of behavior would be appreciated.

  • Allypapko

    I had this problem too. The only way it works for me right now is with no plugins at all, not even the Envato toolkit. Not sure why it recommends us a plugin that causes the whole theme not to work...

  • hfx66837

    I had this issue too. The only method it doing for me right now is with no factor at all, not even the Envato toolkit. Not believe why it propose us a factor that matters the whole theme not to work. <a href=""></a>

  • qcw73282

    I have posted a comment up the product page for this issue, but I haven't made clear any one thing back to help conclusion the problem. I added. I'd effort here and see if I do to get some answers.

  • alexs

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