Connecting with Facebook not working on AFTERNIGHT theme




  • Mircea

    Hi. Make sure the FB app id and secret key are correct, and check in the FB app itself if the url and domain are set correct. In case you have other plugins, try disabling them and test again.

  • Nicholas King


    I've made sure this was the exact APP ID / Secret Key.  I'm also sure it is since the FB comment system is working perfectly and from my experience with the Facebook apps, you would need an app ID to go with that.  The secret key i guess is only for the Connect With Facebook option.  Also, there aren't any plugins installed, this is a completely fresh install of wordpress and the only theme i've added was this theme to make sure i get a clean start.  Any other ideas?

  • Nicholas King

    What I will do is reset my key right now since i shared it, so that i will get a new one and try that.  I'll make sure it matches.

  • Nicholas King

    Oh, sorry I figured it out.  I wasn't careful and when I put my website down i forgot to include "www" in the address on my facebook app that reads "Website with Facebook Login"

  • Nicholas King

    Well, I thought I did.  It was fixed but now it only shows up randomly.. But at least it worked for a second, so I know I did something right by adding the 'www' in my app page.  Anyone else getting this problem where the "connect" button doesnt show up 100% of the time?

  • Mircea

    Try without the www for Site URL.

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