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  • Marie Dyson

    I see you got it to work, what did you do? For some reason I can't get mine to show up!

  • Marie Dyson

    I got it  :)

  • Brian Leppard

    Same with me.  I can't seem to get the blog page setup to change.  I have set my front page to home, and posts page to blog.  When I change the layout on the blog page to "grid" view, nothing happens it just stays the same.  Any help???

  • Anna


    please open a ticket regarding this, with a URL to your site and theme name. Thank you.

  • Cephotos

    I have the same would be nice if the answer were posted here for everyone to see since it seems there are a few of us with the same problem - Tripod theme.  Marie - maybe you can tell us how you fixed it.

  • Sanjay Kawad

    I just bought the theme a few days ago. I have set up everything except the blog. No matter what Template I choose, it does not change. Can some one please post the solution!

  • Mircea

    Hello, I'm sorry for late answer here is a solution:

    1. Create a new template and lets call it "Blog-image"

    2. Hide the default row and edit the new row elements :

    3. Configure it with the following settings: 

    -Choose element type:Latest posts

    -Select view type: List view

    -List view excerpt : Display excerpt

    -Thumbnail size: Medium thumb

    -Element behaviour :None of those

    -Order by: Date

    -Order: Desc.

    4.Save the row, update the template settings

    5. Create a new page, call it Blog and select it-s template as Blog-Image.

    6. Publish the page and you will see the wanted result.

  • Bernike Coetzee

    Hello. The same goes for me. Followed the steps exactly, but not working for me either. I also have an unanswered ticket.

  • Lisettecruiz

    I am having the same problem, and also submitted a ticket just now. My url is

  • Mircea

    Sorry, forget to say. Please set the created template to the index Layout so the wordpress /blog path to be configured for this template. also you can select the new created page as the posts page in settings > reading.

  • moko-creative

    Hello, I was trying to create a blog medium thumbs page as here but I can't.

    I don't undertand how to use layouts  (under tripod menu). I mean which one is associated to the blog page? Posts?


    I would like to create a blog medium page like in your site, would you be able to explain me how to do it?


  • Lisettecruiz

    @moko-creative - I had to open a ticket to receive help on it as well, then followed the step by step instructions of the designer. I am not a good IT person at all, so it took a few tries

  • Wendy D

    I am also having this problem, I have opened a ticket with no response. I have followed step by step ... I just don't know what I am missing.

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