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  • Anna


    1. Revolution slider can be inserted in any part of the site, even on the frontpage. Please open Templates, find the Template you use for the frontpage, and add a row in the header, choosing "text/shortcode". Add here the sliders's shortcode, and save. And you'll have on  the frontpage your slideshow.

    2. Well, that is a view, not a gallery, and you can change it also from templates:

    3. result

    For more options, please revise theme's documentation. Also, you can add our demo content, from XML file, and also theme's options.

    Also, here is a tutorial about template builder:


  • Kayla Enright Photo

    What is the sliders shortcode??

  • Kayla Enright Photo

    I am also trying to copy the Tripod 'white' version template ver batum for my site, but I am having a difficult time. I don't know how to make that slider image on the front page nor do I know how if the post below are either posts or pages to take you to their respective galleries.

  • Kayla Enright Photo

    Also, I am wanting my logo not in the center but on the left side of the page, and am unclear where to revise that. 

  • Kayla Enright Photo

    As you can tell I have no idea what I am doing. I am curious to know if I would be able to get my home page as the single-gallery post. I love the look of it, but any template I go into, I cannot find anywhere it can be.

  • Rachel Farner

    I'm also having problems with this.  I do not see an option to add short code/text.  Please advise. 

  • Anna

    Hi, please open a ticket with your problems, then we will make them public if necessary for the rest of customers.

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