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  • Mircea

    We had some technical issues, and we had to move on a new platform. Regarding the old posts, they are not available (we have them in the old database, but they can not be ported in this system).

  • Mark D

    Ok thanks. Are there any plans to display that lost information in a searchable way, either as a single or several pages of standard text (perhaps organised by theme)? It wouldn't need to be a forum, it would just need to be possible for people to search for keywords within the text and hopefully find an answer to their problem.  I would imagine that this would be less effort than re-answering many months worth of questions...just a thought.

  • Nicholas King

    I agree.  There was a huge amount of information I used to reference things there.  Now I'm kind of lost in a way =(

  • Mircea

    We will see what can be done, but there are technical issues related to our old one and the new online platform, which is not a WordPress installation, but a whole ticketing/forum system, which has it's own limitations. If you have questions, please post in the new forum.

  • Adrian Beadell

    You need to stop answering on Themeforest and direct all questions here....if the old stuff cant be rescued then at least this will start to fill again and ease your time too :)

  • Mircea

    Thank you. We will redirect most of the questions here, but still users post them there.

  • Ann Sissel Holthe

    I think users use the themeforrest "forum" for Q´s are because it really takes times to get an answrer in here (or, in the old forum...this one i completely new to me, and i REALLY REALLY miss all the info on the old forum. To be honest i think the dockumentations on the theme could be much better, but with hours of reasearc on the old forum, and trying and failing, i´m starting to find my way to understand this theme.

    So, if You possibly can - put all the info from the old forum here, and if not, release a better dockumentation, so we don´t have to ask all that much.

  • Peter Ward

    Would it be possible for the new forum to have theme based boards/groups like the old one?  Its very painful to have to trawl through posts and responses relating to every cosmotheme when you don't need to!




  • Vinyasa Milano

    Many useful answer were in the old forum... I'm sorry I have to re-ask to get the answer again.. e.g. breaking words, prettyphoto and so on..

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