I have no idea what I'm doing




  • Mircea

    Thank you Nicolas. The Verticality theme has slightly different options than other our themes, so for example the menu from Appearance it's not shown. Instead in theme options -> frontpage builder you add the elements you want to show http://i.imgur.com/Zl7T2mz.png http://i.imgur.com/c1qdcRh.jpg if it's a slideshow it will change background image,s if it's a page you can set a background image for it http://i.imgur.com/9BTQVCh.png as well every element in the builder has options (depending what is it showing) http://i.imgur.com/Cm6lEET.png so you just need to adjust settings for them. Don't forget to check the documentation, included in the zip

    Creating pages and posts it's already in the standard Wordpress way, from Pages or Posts section in Dashboard.

  • Thomas Frankenburg

    Ok, so I've got a bit further, I'm still getting a bit stuck however! 

    Cornel, I could not find the documentation, I found a file called "readme.txt" and opened it, and it just says "check documentation.pdf", I've searched everywhere but cannot find this pdf! So I have a couple more questions. Firstly, I've created a sub menu under "portfolio" on my page, but I don't want "portfolio" to actually be a page, I just want it so when you click it, it shows you the different portfolios. Secondly, I noticed the page on the example called "masonry plugin", I was hoping to get my portfolios to look like that, how do I go about this? Thirdly, if you have a copy of the documentation for Verticality I'd love it!

  • Thomas Frankenburg

    Oh, just figured out how to do the first part of my questions! But still want the masonry effect and the documentation!

  • Nicholas King

    The documentation should be in the root directory of the theme download.  You should have a folder for the theme, a zip for the installable theme, PSD files, and various other assets.  Look for the documentation.pdf file.

  • Thomas Frankenburg

    No, there isn't anything, have double checked. I installed the theme off themeforest and do not have this documentation pdf.

  • tobiaspearson

    Did you ever find the documentation?

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