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  • Mircea

    The question about the old forum was discussed here

    Regarding the theme, the images might look disproportional if they have a small size, so they can not be resized to the theme dimensions, or you have uploaded featured images for posts for example before using this theme, and they don't have the sizes used by the theme (different variants of these images are created during upload, WordPress creates a few, base on the standard WP sizes plus the ones defined in the theme). For the first case we can recommend either to use images with bigger size, or change the used sizes from theme settings -> Images sizes, after the change please run the plugin Regenerate thumbnails. For the second one (when you have images from a previous installation) jsut run the regenerate thumbnails plugin, it will create the new thumbnails with theme dimensions.

    The logo image is not resized.

  • stacey mac

    So, in regards to using images with larger sizes, I have always used 'web sized and ready' images.  Would you suggest I use the full image size at the full dpi?  

  • Adrian Beadell

    Hi Stacey....I have been having a play and Images seem to look fine if you keep them to say 1000pixels on the long edge...I save mine in Lightroom at 80 quality setting. This keeps images looking good and the file size down

  • Lang


    first of all, sorry that my English is not perfect.

    I have the same problem as above ...
    Now I've tried the suggestions
    Unfortunately, the problem still exists.
    (I have 250 articles with images and only the thumbnails are displayed only partially distorted., Even if I re-select them and save them)

    see screenshots

    I have also used the plugin "Regenerate thumbnails"

    but the problem still exists.

    who can help me?

    my website

    Thank you very much

    Bildschirmfoto 2013-07-24 um 17.37.35.jpg
    Bildschirmfoto 2013-07-24 um 17.38.58.jpg
    Bildschirmfoto 2013-07-24 um 17.38.11.jpg
  • Lang

    p.s. here you see an article with thumbnails  (by "weitere Galerien" )

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