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  • Peter Livingstone

    This issue has been resoved

  • Aditya

    How did you solve it if you dont mind sharing? I am facing similar issue and their support takes too much time to reply. 

  • Monique

    I'd like to know as well. 

  • emma

    I would like to know as well!


  • Anna

  • Monique

    This was helpful except where exactly do I go to change the email? I've looked in the Stylesheet. Please give more direction. Thanks!


  • Aditya

    Hey Monique, I managed to figure it out yesterday and it's working the form.


    Basically, This is what you do

    Go to Pages -> Create Page -> Create contact page (if you have not done so already). In this creation page, you will see a SHORTCODES tab just below. Go to the CONTACT FORM in that.

    Fill in the required details i.e. your number, email etc and click INSERT CONTACT FORM. Thats it. See attachment in this comment.


    contact form.png
  • Andreea Delia Estudio

    I do not work only with form insert Can someone explain to me how I funcciones?

  • Anna


    Please, open a ticket at 

    Thank you.

  • Damian Lis

    Hello, I can't do update Tripod by Envato toolkit, I have information:

    Warning: unlink(/home/virt104787/domains/ [Function.unlink]: File name too long in /home/virt104787/domains/ on line 481

    Download failed. It was not possible to create a handle for fopen () for the argument „/home/virt104787/domains/”

    Please help.

  • Anna


    Please open a ticket at and we will help you with that.

  • Damian Lis

    Thanks Anna, update theme was succesfully.

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