Centering the Logo and Menu to Content




  • Victor

    Hi Adrian,

    The reason why  menu and logo are not centrated is that in the right part of header you added the social buttons. if you want i can add some space to the left part of header , then it will have a more beautiful aspect.


  • Adrian Beadell

    Hi Victor....

    Afraid not....See here without anything added As default it seems that the "centred menu with logo" isnt


    Also How do I get rid of the title "Blog" from that page...I have managed to do it on all other pages but not this one ?

  • Adrian Beadell

    Also....whilst on that page if you scroll down you will see the header moves slightly. Ho can we stop this ?


    Many thanks


  • Victor

    You can add some space to the right to centrate it.

  • Victor

    Also verify if the setting are as they should be:

  • IzabelAbreu

    I've had trouble getting the Theme to recognize the "centred menu with logo" or any of the menu setting -

    Could this be because of the style.css and the fact I installed the entire zip provided without taking the step of uploading just the "Tripod" folder?

    I'm happy to re-install, but would rather not loose all teh work put in so far it if is not going to solve the issue.




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