Serpent Demo Front Page




  • Victor

    Hello, nothing in the demo site was done in custom css. You can try to import our configurations to see how it was done.

  • smersy

    Thanks Victor - where do I import these configs?

  • Victor

    Hello,  if you want to have the same layout as in the demo, you have to disable the sidebar from mainpage and make it full width. Also you have to select the list view for fresh posts.

    Here are some screenshots that will help you doing that.

  • smersy

    Thanks Victor, that worked great. Last question: For "Featured" posts - is there a way to mark a post featured without it needing to get a minimum number of "likes" via your thumbs up "like" in the theme?

  • Anna

    Hello, we are sorry but it is not possible to make a post featured in other way that the like system .

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