Removing "blog" title from Page




  • Victor


    you're doing it right,

    just add to your customn css the following line:

    .cat-title h2{display:none;}


    Best regards,


  • Adrian Beadell

    Ok, many thanks Victor. Out of interest do you know if this has any effect regarding SEO....? I assume the titles are still there, just not "shown" ?

  • Leonid Shmatenko

    Hey Victor,


    I'm trying to remove or rename the "Blog Page" as well. I would like to name it "News". See here:

    However, I cannot find the right *.css to change it.


    Many thanks.

  • Anna

    Hello, the fact that you just don't show it does not affect on SEO.

    As for changing the name, find in pages section Blog, and simply rename it as you want.

  • James Hedley

    I find that whatever I call my page in the dashboard, the Bog page will always display the name "Blog page" - I'd like to change it to just say "Blog" but I can't find anywhere that affects this. Any idea please?

  • Laura de Roeck

    Hallo, I have added the code to custos css, but the blog page title is still showing :(

  • Alan

    My issue with this is that I can hide the title, but it leaves an empty row above where the styled title / description is that looks a bit odd.  

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