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  • Victor

    Hello, from your back menu click woocomerce then settings. Select the Catalog tab and scroll down to image settings. There you can change the sizes. After you save the changes, don't forget to regenerate your thumbnails. You will need the Regenerate thumbnail plugin. . 
    Our theme will make the width=334px or smaller, depends on screen resolution, whatever you will write there and the height will be automatically determined. 
    Here is an screenshot: . If you want to make your images higher you can just add a bigger height and leave the width 300 or 400. For sure height must be bigger then width. 
    Wish you good luck.

    Best regards, 

  • ewoud


    is there a way to make the width of the thumb larger , i.e. 460 wide and 320 high?

    thanks in advance,


  • Fabián Baeza

    Hello, I need use a element type in the products grid template, that element is "Category" But do not take the "product category" but the "category posts". How I do that show the products categories? Thanks.

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