Display a static page on Homepage (Tripod)




  • Anna

    Hello, here is a simple solution for you. 
    1. Create a simple page with default template in which include the content you want to be displayed on homepage. 
    2. Edit the Mainpage template from back menu > Tripod > Templates and add a new row in the content part. 
    3. Edit the elements of the new created row, and select it to display a page, select the page you want to be displayed. 
    4. Remove the rows that you do not want to be displayed, and customize all the information, if it is needed. 
    5. Update the template settings.

    Hope this information will be useful for you. 

    Best regards, 

  • Patrick Branchaud


    if I do this procedure, it's showing the title of the page at the beginning under the menu. Is there a way to disable the title for the main page?

    Is it using the setting / reading settings / Front page displays (static page dropdown) of Wordpress?

    Thank you


  • Elke

    I have tried this method, and it works - sort of.  How would I get the page to load as it look look if it were just another page (default), rather than the" main page template"? My selected page contains a gallery and a sidebar. The sidebar doesn't display with this method and the thumbs are blurred. Site is located at skypix.photography.

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