Linking menu to categories and displaying correct posts / category lists




  • Jonathan

    OK, I think I found a way.

    I created my main menu (film) as a page and inserted a category template.

    I then created all the sub menus as pages and applied different category templates to them.

    A bit of work, but seems to do the job. If there is a more efficient way, I am all ears.


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  • IzabelAbreu

    I've had trouble getting the Theme to recognize the "centered menu with logo" or any of the menu setting -  Basically not able to create a Menu that has Pages, or even control the order of Category Posts ... I create them but the Tripod dose not seem to save it.

    Could this be because of the style.css and the fact I installed the entire zip provided without taking the step of uploading just the "Tripod" folder?  I'm happy to re-install, but would rather not loose all the work put in so far it if is not going to solve the issue.


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  • Brian Potts


    It seems you we're able to resolve the menu issue by looking at your site.  Can you share what you did to resolve the issue?

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