GameOver timeline pictures; change main menu background/transparency




  • Josh N

    Just in case anyone else wants to know how to change their menu transparency, I was able to figure it out:

    You have to go into your theme/css/autoinclude folder and edit style.css.  

    Find the following bit of code (I suppose it could be different for different themes?): 

    header#header-container .header-container-wrapper .cosmo-menu ul.sf-menu li li
    From there you can experiment with the different values, but I ended up changing the RGBA values, the color, and the border color. 

    Make your edits, upload to the same path in your server.  Might want to keep a backup of the old style.css file just in case. 


  • Mircea

    Thank you for helping us Josh. Here is attached style.css file to fix the circles. 

    It should be located in css/autoinclude folder.

  • Mircea

    Hello, Josh answered you , he was right, but for better productivity, to have the possibility of update you would better not change anything. You can use custom css to customize your menu.
    add to your custom css teh following code:
    header#header-container .header-container-wrapper .cosmo-menu ul.sf-menu li li {
    background-color: rgba(255,255,255,0.5); } /* change 0.5 value as you want. */
    Also i have attached in forum style.css file that will solve the problem with circles.
    this changes will also be available in the next update.

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