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  • Patrickane


    I cannot help you with your questions.

    But I can say that I have experienced no customer support from this company so far.  I have contacted them many times over the past two weeks, and have not received one response.

    Too bad.  They have some nice looking themes.  I will likely be trying something different.

    Good luck with your site.

  • Steven

    Hi Patrickane,

    Thanks for your reply! In my opinion it is not acceptable that we wouldn't get any help at all from CosmoThemes, even not a simple answer. I have paid for this theme so expect a minimum of help on this matters... I get lots of help with free themes and plugins, so the service of something I have paid for should be at least that good.

    I have been searching on the  support forum about CosmoThemes and there I find also comments that you don't get any help from CosmoThemes... I'm even wondering if they read this posts :-/
    Anyway, if I don't get any help at all it would be the last time I bought something of CosmoThemes of course!



  • Patrickane


    I successfully contacted support through the "comments" section of the page for my particular theme.  Try going here to yours:

    I heard from them in about an hour.  They say they are having technical difficulties with their support desk.

    Good luck,


  • Steven

    Ok thanks for info Patrick, I contacted them also that way now, I'm waiting now for an answer...


    Greetings ;-)



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