500 error after intsalling and activating Tripod




  • Carson

    Having the same issue. The theme is totally unusable.

  • Chris

    they told me Hello, this is a common problem for more themes after wordpress 3.6 was released. Another user contacted GoDaddy and they discovered that the "PHP 5 Handler" was set to "suphp" when it should have been set to "cgi".
    They changed that in the server config settings, and the problem was fixed.
    Another one has increased the server memory limits.
    Also i have found this article about wordpress and 500 internal server error messsage : http://www.wpbeginner.com/wp-tutorials/how-to-fix-the-internal-server-error-in-wordpress/
    Try to contact your hosting service to get some help in this situation.

    I contacted Godaddy and they fixed it, now works!

  • Carson

    this is the error I get.

    PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_get_theme() in /home2/cwittenb/public_html/mysite.com/wp-content/themes/tripod/functions.php on line 10

  • Chris
    I would contact cosmos and contact your hosting company one of them can help as they did with my error
  • Digidiva

    I am using classic fashion theme and got the same problem. 

  • Alberto

    Same issue here.  500 Internal Server Error, can't even go back to the control panel. What to do? I'm Very disappointed!

  • Digidiva

    It was plugins that are crashing the control panel for my case. You have to disable your theme by going under hosting file to rename it. Come back and change to another theme to restore the panel.

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