Creating a Blog Page with the Template Builder




  • Sarah Condry

    Hi! I'd love to watch this-- but there doesn't seem to be any volume???

  • Anna

    Nope - that was without microphone )) it was made in a hurry, sorry...


    Here is the explanations: You need to create a TEMPLATE with ELEMENTS in ROWS. Then create a page and assign the template to the page. So ELEMENTS go in ROWS > Template > Page. Then assign the page into the Menu.

  • Rhodsey17

    You sir are amazing!  I've been trying for weeks to get those blog and gallery pages working.  Looks like the key part I was missing was to hide the default content!  Thank you greatly I've finally managed to finish the site.

  • Anna

    Thank you. The DEFAULT row will contains basically all page's information, like comments, page content, and do on. So you should hide default row if you don't want this info on that certain page. Cheers!

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