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Nick November 26, 2014 Announcements

Dear all, 

In case you've updated your installation to Wordpress 4.0, and suddenly the shortcodes like accordion or tabs are not working http://i.imgur.com/9gBenC8.png - please know that you're covered! Wordpress added a new function that renders the content a bit different, thus blocking our shortcodes working right https://developer.wordpress.org/reference/functions/wptexturize/#so...

To fix this, just open the Editor in the backend http://i.imgur.com/c9y5jel.png , and paste this snippet at the very end of the functions.php file:

* As WP 4.0 added wp_texturize, we'll need the next function to disable texturizing the shortcodes.

function disable_texturize_for_shortcodes( $shortcodes ) {
global $shortcode_tags;

foreach ($shortcode_tags as $key => $value) {
$shortcodes[] = $key;

return $shortcodes;
add_filter( 'no_texturize_shortcodes', 'disable_texturize_for_shortcodes' );


Here is an easy codepen: http://codepen.io/anon/pen/JodpWm

Then just hit UPDATE FILE.

Now the shortcodes should look alright http://i.imgur.com/PbaAfC4.png . If not, please let us know by opening a ticket at https://cosmothemes.zendesk.com/home

Best wishes,



Mircea June 3, 2013 Tips & Tricks

Dear all,

Please follow next general steps before opening a ticket:

1. Specify what theme are you using and its version.

2. Check theme's installing rules. Many users are missing this step and a lot of problems are appearing from nowhere. Here is the link https://cosmothemes.zendesk.com/entries/24047718-How-to-install-the-theme-Can-not-install-the-theme-missing-style-css

3. Check if your issue is not related with a newly installed plugin. Sometimes there are conflicts between theme's functions, bugs or even code, with plungin's bugs/code. You can start by disabling plugins one by one, checking if the problem still persist.

4. Be careful at what hosting you are using. Many problems are server-related because of (shared) hosting, being a good practice to test your site also on localhost.

5. Try searching in our forum related issues, with already given answers. It will save you and us a great amount of time.

6. When posting for support, PLEASE GIVE A DETAILED DESCRIPTION, WITH SCREENSHOTS/Video AND ADDRESS TO YOUR SITE. Testing is much easier and faster when we understand what the problem is. We'll appreciate A LOT your interest for this step.

7. CUSTOMIZATION - there are a lot of requests about how to make a new feature in the theme, how to change a functionality, or to remove it. Please understand that these are not priorities, these are custom features that need time and resources (some of them a lot) to be implemented. We will try to answer most of them, which require less time spending. Thank you for your understanding.

8. Check for JavaScript errors. It's a good practice for every web developer to use instruments like Firebug, or something like that, and check if JS is not throwing something bad.

9. If you searched in Forum, and you did not found an answer, please OPEN A TICKET. It's private, fast and easy!